Based in Kent
Originally born in Margate then moved away at a young age. I finished University in 2016 with a first class honours BA in Illustration (printmaking) Having been away from home and the English coastline for some time I hope my genuine love for the coast comes through in every image I create.

After finishing University I joined the team at Haeckels in 2016, allowing me to continue to share this love for the coast, product and philosophy of the company. This has also let me reconnect with the neighbourhood I grew up in, creating everything in house.

sam scales


For recent projects I have been working with local crafts people, documenting the places they work and the objects they make. Being immersed within these unique spaces and understanding their craft, work has evolved to convey these moments through an authentic representation of the skill and process they have mastered throughout their life.

As I start to print my work it brings it to life, lasting longer than a post on social media, meaning to create photographs for life.

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