The Jurassic Coast consists of Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous cliffs, spanning the Mesozoic, documenting 185 million years of geological history. The site can be best viewed from the sea, when the dipping nature of the rock strata becomes apparent.


A documentation of 4 days traveling along the south coast of Iceland. 


A boat trip around Sian Ka'an, humidity of a rainforest and travelling to Ancient Mayan Temples.


The Miners’ Track was built to serve the Britannia Copper Mine on Snowdon but it is not the route originally used to serve the mine.

In the beginning, miners lugged the copper up the eastern side of the mountain, to be drawn down the other side to Llyn Cwellyn by a sledge drawn by two horses. From Llyn Cwellyn, the copper was taken by horse and cart to Caernarfon. The road from Llanberis to Pen y Gwryd (the A4086 today) was opened around ten years later, and so this more practical route was used.

Marcus Lewis

A studio visit to traditional Wooden Boatbuilder Marcus Lewis. 

Emsie Sharp

On a Friday in October me and Martine drove to meet Emsie Sharp in her Glassblowing studio 'The Cow Shed' in Child Okeford, Dorset. We spent the morning with Emsie and recorded the making of a number of drinking glasses and bowls.  

Water Journal

Featured in Volume Two of the Water Journal. Photographs to accompany Words by Dom Bridges about neglect . 'A seemingly forgotten place, a place that I discovered is suffering great neglect and that place is our oceans.' To read further the magazine is available to buy from Water Journal

Rod Page

A days visit to a woodturners workshop, documenting the work of his craftsmanship.