Water Journal

The word neglect comes from the Latin verb neglegere, which means "disregarded." The word usually reserved for cases when you willingly refuse to care for something appropriately.

A good friend of mind told me I'm driven by change - at the time I never understood what she meant, but I've started to understand that when I discovered something that is neglected I immediately champion it - the outsider, the underdog, the 'no hoper,' I feel compelled to change its perception by helping to inspire it.

It has happened many times in my life with people, animals and now its a place. A seemingly forgotten place, a place that I discovered is suffering great neglect and that place is our oceans.

I have always believed that everyone and everything has potential and when something is neglected, we all have a responsibility to do something about it. Observing the dismal neglect of our oceans has stemmed in me a purpose to embark on a mission to help save the beauty that is our oceans as I believe that it should not be left to only the presumed 'grown ups' to save the day but a responsibility equally shared by us all hence my belief that we must lead and teach by what we do and not just by what we say.

Words by Dom Bridges & photography by Sam Scales.

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